Introducing: Quick Sprout Website Analyzer

Neil Patel started his professional marketing career by using website analyzers to learn about growing content marketing for his websites.

So we found it fitting to go back to where it all began, to learn what made Neil so successful at growing website traffic for himself and his clients.

Today we're happy to introduce the Quick Sprout Analyzer! Designed to give you an overview of how your webpages stack up in a world of competition for traffic growth.



SEO Analysis

View your search rankings, page speed, and much more with the SEO Analysis report.

Screenshot Analysis

Make sure you're website reaches everyone on every device. Check to see how your website appears on desktop and mobile.

Keyword Analysis & other SEO reports coming soon...


What's next from Quick Sprout

As we continue to build out our SEO analysis engine to scan for improvements, Quick Sprout let's you fix these issues directly, so you don't need to bother a developer or write the code.

Major Update: Track multiple websites + bulk SEO website changes, and a lot more! 🚀

We just released our latest Quick Sprout update focusing on a bunch of major features and improvements aimed at helping you go from confused with your SEO to a website traffic growth master! Queue the fireworks!

Ever-growing library of website alerts

Quick Sprout analyzes and learns your website traffic patterns over time. When it finds an improvement that is likely to help grow your traffic, you'll be alerted so you can act and make the change quickly.

Bulk Editing

No longer do you have to edit each of your website pages separately. Quick Sprout's bulk editing feature gives you the power to update page titles, meta descriptions and image alt texts across your entire site.

Track all your websites

You can now track more than one site at a time. This will allow you to receive SEO alerts across all your websites as long as they are using Google Analytics.

Become Pro

Quick Sprout will always be free. However, if you decide you want to grow your website traffic even faster, Quick Sprout Pro allows you to track and make bulk changes to more of your website pages at the same time.

Thanks for the love and support!

Get in there and start growing your website traffic! Sign up and start using Quick Sprout for free. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us.

Happy growing, The Quick Sprout team.

SEO Alerts by Type

You can now see all of your SEO alerts by the type of problem.

See SEO Alerts

Quick Sprout analyzes your site and will show you SEO alerts to grow your traffic.

See your top pages

We added a new Pages section which allows you to see the top pages on your site. You can click on those pages to see the metrics for that specific page.

Welcome to Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout just launched! We're starting out with a simple picture of your web site's performance, but will be adding a lot more in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Quick Sprout will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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